Top 5 wedding color ideas and bridesmaid dresses for spring 2014

Hi, dear friends! Although Spring 2014 in AU is the second half of the year, I think most brides have already been looking for their spring wedding color ideas. We all know the color of mint is trending for 2013 and also lasting in 2014. But if you don’t want mint wedding, what’s more could we try? The following are the top 5 wedding color ideas and bridesmaid dresses for spring 2014 in AU.

Blush Pink

This soft Blush Pink  shows pure beauty of the bride and the wedding.

Blush Pink  wedding colors and themes for spring 2014 AU

Blush Pink bridesmaid dress strapless for spring 2014


one shoulder long Blush Pink bridesmaid dress


Rose gold

Rose gold is the mix of the pink and metallic gold, which gives the wedding a special taste in the spring 2014. Just use this special pink to decorate your big day and your bridesmaids.

Rose gold wedding inspirations for spring 2014 AU

Rose gold ruched bridesmaid dress long

simple yet elegent Rose gold bridesmaid dress


Glittery gold

Glittery gold, these tiny shining things always inspire us a lot. And this time, this gold will be popular in this spring, glittery must catch your eyes.

Sparkling Glittery gold wedding colors and bridesmaid dresses for spring 2014 AU

layered Glittery gold  bridesmaid dresses wish black sash



Orchid, a delicate flower, is named the Color of the Year for 2014.

modern purple Orchid wedding colors for spring 2014 AU trend

chic purple Orchid trimmed sheath bridesmaid dresses 2014


Dusty Blue

We all like those understated yet pleasing colors, and Dusty Blue is definitely such a satisfied one.

Charming Dusty Blue 2014 spring wedding colors and bridesmaid dress

Shirred bodice long Dusty Blue bridesmaid dress


photo credit:  Glittery gold 1//2//3//4    Rose gold   1//2//3  Glittery gold 1//2//3

 Orchid   1//2//3     Dusty Blue   1//2

2014 Chic Vintage and Rustic Autumn Weddings in Australia

Less is more, sometimes, do you think so? I know some brides don’t like the traditional wedding ceremony, just want to have a small but warm party with the immediate families. Well, if the season could be in the autumn, that must be fantastic. A rustic wedding, outdoors, with the crisp, cool air and the amazing red leaves that just embodies every single moment. Also, matched the vintage or Bohemia wedding dresses, surrounded by the autumn beautiful scenery, the 2014 rustic fall wedding is easy and perfect for many brides in Australia.

Garden Wedding in A Historic House

Rustic Garden Wedding ideas

Rustic fall Garden Wedding and casual lace bridesmaids

2014 lace bridesmaid dresses for rustic autumn wedding

Vintage Lace —Blue bridesmaid and Bohemia bride

bohemia wedding dress for autumn wedding with red leaves

vintage lace backless bohemia bridal dress for autumn wedding

vintage blue lace bridesmaid dresses for australia rustic fall wedding party

sleeveless blue lace bridesmaid dresses for australia fall wedding 2014

Romantic Sunset Outdoor Fall Wedding

sunset rustic autumn wedding

Romantic Sunset Outdoor Fall Wedding

sliver or grey satin bridesmaid dress for autumn wedding


Photo credit: oncewed // stylemepretty// Sunset Wedding

Top 4 Colors of Bridesmaid Dresses in 2014 AU Fall Wedding

2013 Christmas is coming, brides are so busy not only for their last big holiday, but also preparing for their 2014 weddings. When it comes to the next year’s wedding themes and colors in the 2014 Fall of Australia, we have to say so many fantastic combinations are now catching our eyes. Cooling weather, falling leaves, mature fruits, this is the best season of the year for your wedding. All you need is just to follow us to learn the most trendy and favorable colors to match your big day.


Want to be lovely and fresh, mint green is your best choice. So many brides have already followed our advice and chosen the mint green or sage for their girls, how about you?


Photo credit:1//2

Mint Green Dress For Australia Spring Fall Wedding

Peach Orange

Pretty peach orange is the hottest color which is searched more and more by the clever brides recently. Let’s go and see.

rustic peach wedding ceremony site

rustic peach wedding bridesmaid dresses

 Photo credit:weddingchicks

lovely long peach orange dress for 2014 fall wendding party


Red is too hot and pink is too light, well, coral is my ideal one.

pretty coral bridesmaid dresses for 2014 spring wedding

Photo credit:coral

Royal Blue

No matter rustic wedding or beach wedding, various kinds of blue always have big fans on it. Girls in Royal Blue Bridesmaid Dresses is a dazzling scene in the wedding.

dazziling royal and navy blue wedding inspiration in australia

elegant navy blue bridesmaid dresses

Stylish and Chic Bridesmaid Styles: Lace Bridesmaid Dresses 2014

Hi girls, welcome back! Since it is October, brides may is busy in preparing their winter weddings in holidays. Yet more brides want to hold their weddings in warmer times, like spring and early summer. In this post, I would like to introduce all of you the chic bridesmaid styles for all kinds of weddings, which is lace bridesmaid dresses.

Lace is definitely the first choice by brides and bridesmaids. Its elegance and glamour attract me most! How about the following lace bridesmaid dresses from some real weddings? Hope you like them!

Purple Lace Bridesmaid Dresses

White Lace Bridesmaid Dresses

Short Lace White Bridesmaid Dresses

Navy Blue Lace Bridesmaid Dresses

Lace White Bridesmaid Dresses

Green Lace Bridesmaid Dresses

purple//white 1//white 2//blue//white 3//green

Beautiful lace bridesmaid dresses from!

Pink Illusion Lace Bridesmaid Dress Pink Illusion Lace Bridesmaid DressCheck Price

Blue Short Lace Bridesmaid Dress Blue Short Lace Bridesmaid DressCheck Price

Or you may choose some lace top bridesmaid dresses, or the bridesmaid gowns whit laced shoulders and arms.

White Bridesmaid Dresses with Lace Sleeves

Black Lace Bridesmaid Dresses

Nude Color Lace Top Bridesmaid Dresses

Light Green Lace Bridesmaid Dresses

Lavender Lace Bridesmaid Dresses

Red Lace Bridesmaid Dresses

Short Purple Lace Bridesmaid Dresses

white 1//black//white 2//green//lavender//red//purple

Let’s Go to A Cobalt Blue School Formal Party!

The second half of a year is usually a hot season in Australia for girls to choose stylish dresses and gowns….because the most exciting event, school formal party or prom party, just begins! Just like a wedding that has a theme, usually a prom party need a main color, which is the reason why I introduce you a cobalt blue prom party!

As a popular color in this season, cobalt blue draws many attentions. Its glamour and beauty always makes people feel comfort and easy. Maybe you can get much inspiration from the following party decoration photos!

cobalt blue and red party decorations

cobalt blue party table decorations

cobalt blue ombre party decorations

cobalt blue party decor

cobalt blue party decorations

photo credit: 1//2//3//4

Well, the preparation of attending a school formal party may be not so easy, especially for girls. Makeup, hairstyle, accessories and of course, the most important one, school formal dress should be perfect at that day. And obviously, a cobalt blue formal dress and other details in blue are required.

  cobalt blue formal dresses collections

photo credit: stylelixir

Cobalt Blue Dress Collection

Some beautiful cobalt blue formal dresses from!

  cobalt blue long formal dresses


cobalt blue short formal dresses


So how about this style of prom party? Hope you like it! Contact me if you have more interesting ideas!

Stylish and Chic Bridesmaid Styles: Ombre Bridesmaid Dresses

Hi, girls, welcome back to formaldressesau blog after 3 months! How’s going? I hope everything is perfect! If you are a fan of our blog, you would notice that changed its style in the past 3 months. Hope you like the new version! We will continue to provide the best and latest collection of formal dresses and bridesmaid dresses for you.

Today’s post actually inspired from the wedding of one of my friends. Ombre wedding has become a rather popular trend in this season. As the most important part of a wedding, bridesmaid dresses are also affected by this style. Ombre bridesmaid dresses draw all people’s attention rapidly. So today I would like to introduce some stylish ombre bridesmaid dresses for all of you. Find out the beauty and elegance in the following styles!

Wine Red Ombre Long Dress

Pink One Shoulder Ombre Bridesmaid Dress

Light Blue Ombre Bridesmaid Dresses

Purple Long Ombre Bridesmaid Dresses

One Shoulder Gray and White Ombre Bridesmaid Dress

One Shoulder Gray Long Bridesmaid Dresses

Gray Long Strapless Bridesmaid Dress

Pink Ombre Dress

Gray One Shoulder Short Bridesmaid Dresses

Green Ombre Dress

What do you think about these styles? Tell me your opinions if you are interested! will publish the new ombre bridesmaid dresses! Keep eyes on our blog to get the latest news about it!

photo credit: 1//2//3//4//5//7//8//9//10

Inspiration: Striped Weddings Themes 2013

Every bride wants a dreamy wedding, including of me, a girl who is a stripe-addict. Actually I have never thought of striped wedding before I saw some cute striped bridesmaid dresses, which were quite pretty and drew my eyes immediately. Then the idea of such a wedding kept in my mind for a long time. And now finally, I write it down. Hope it is helpful!

The most common striped bridesmaid dresses are black-white and blue-white, which stand for natural feeling and elegance respectively. Yet personally, I love some bright colors such as red and yellow that can reflect ladies’ playfulness more, just like the following ones.

striped bridesmaid dresses 2013

striped bridesmaid dresses in bright colors

Comparing to bridesmaid gowns, groomsmen suit are easier to choose. Just choose the matching ties or bows for them.

striped groomsmen suits

I always look forward to looking the striped wedding cakes. They are really beautiful and pretty, especially in pastel colors.

striped wedding cakes

striped wedding cakes 2013 Striped Wedding Details

striped wedding decorations

striped wedding invitations 2013

So ladies, how about preparing a gorgeous striped wedding? It is really eye-catching!

images from:,,,,

Over the Rainbow—Colorful Wedding 2013

When talking about wedding trends in 2013, the rainbow wedding theme is definitely the first one that I will remind of. If you do not know what color to choose for your wedding, why not take them all? Well, this was the first thought in my mind when my sister asked me to decide on her wedding color. Although she did not take my suggestion(for lacking of time), the sweet and dreamy wedding theme still impressed me so much.

Rainbow Wedding Theme

The most important reason I love rainbow wedding is—it makes people smile. Right? I believe everyone will love this cheerful and happy theme. It is quite romantic.

Rainbow Wedding

If you decide to have a memorable rainbow wedding, you should have it from all ways, from table decoration, bouquets to bridesmaid dresses. The bridesmaid dresses and groomsman suits can be easily chosen—just choose a same style with different color details.

Rainbow Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses

Rainbow Wedding Groomsmen Suits

Other details

1. wedding cakes

Rainbow Wedding Cakes

2. wedding invitations

Rainbow Wedding Invitation

3. centerpieces

Rainbow Wedding Ceterpieces

4. bouquets

Rainbow Wedding Bouquets

5. desserts

Rainbow Wedding Desserts

How about this magical wedding theme? Choose it if you like.

images from:,,, and


Recommended Bridesmaid Dresses Styles for a Rainbow Wedding

Strapless Sweetheart Orange Bridesmaid Dress FDA0114 Strapless Sweetheart Orange Bridesmaid Dress FDA0114AUD$144.21

Nice Green Strapless Chiffon Formal Prom Dress FDA0116 Nice Green Strapless Chiffon Formal Prom Dress FDA0116AUD$147.51

Ruffle Accented Floral Strap Bridesmaid Dress FDA0120 Ruffle Accented Floral Strap Bridesmaid Dress FDA0120AUD$160.99

Pink One Shoulder Full Length Formal dresses FDA0131 Pink One Shoulder Full Length Formal dresses FDA0131AUD$169.33